Phew, finally

My First Blog Post

It has been years since I bought this domain. I finally managed to get this hosted (on a shared hosting space from my friend). This has been on my bucket list for this year, happy to have ticked it before the year ends (BTW, I have two different bucket lists – one for the financial year ending (for my financial goals) and the other for the Julian Calendar). I just realized writing this that I put two sets of brackets in my previous statement. Well, I shall let that pass for now.

Coming to the purpose of this site (Indian English?). I intend to use this as a personal blog/ space. My digital presence. My online avatar. My springboard into the web. My Hangar. It would also be the one-stop-shop (no, no, don’t start thinking of e-comm, I do not intend to sell anything here) for all the information that I would really want to share with the world out there. To establish a digital presence, it looks like I need the following –

  • Content – Shall build it in a few days
  • Strategy – Interesting, Strategy for a personal blog? this needs some thought
  • Design – I totally intend to use come customized templates, I also would use this to play around with some UI/ UX
  • Technology – well, you might see some of my escapades in web technology (read Dashboards, Shiny Apps, JavaScript frameworks, spa.js) here.

Well, that’s pretty much the time I had for this right now.