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Well, this is a blog for a curated list of quotes on ‘Platforms’, the software type where one can exchange value. I shall also try to quote of the source (or where a quote was originally quoted!).

Businesses want to move from a Pipe business model to a Platform Business model.


“You know you are building a platform if your users are using it in ways you have never imagined”

The goal of the platform is to enable interactions between producers and consumers – repeatedly and efficiently.

Platforms are ubiquitous.

Quotes from Geoffrey G. Parker

In recent years, more and more businesses are shifting from the pipeline structure to the platform structure. In this shift, the simple pipeline arrangement is transformed into a complex relationship in which producers, consumers, and the platform itself enter into a variable set of relationships.

Yet all are operating businesses that share the fundamental platform DNA—they all exist to create matches and facilitate interactions among producers and consumers, whatever the goods being exchanged may be.

The shift from protecting value inside the firm to creating value outside the firm means that the crucial factor is no longer ownership but opportunity, while the chief tool is no longer dictation but persuasion.

Platform competition requires treating buyers and suppliers not as separate threats to be subjugated but as value-creating partners to be wooed, celebrated, and encouraged to play multiple roles.

And while platform businesses themselves are often extraordinarily profitable, the chief locus of wealth creation is now outside rather than inside the organization.

Thus, every platform business must be designed to facilitate the exchange of information.

Yet, in most cases, platforms don’t create value units; instead, they are created by the producers who participate in the platform. Thus, platforms are “information factories” that have no control over inventory.

Facebook’s news feed is a classic multiuser feedback loop. Status updates from producers are served to consumers, whose likes and comments serve as feedback to the producers. The constant flow of value units stimulates still more activity, making the platform increasingly valuable to all participants.

Later still, LinkedIn created another interaction when it allowed thought leaders, and subsequently all users, to publish posts on LinkedIn for others to read, effectively turning the site into a publishing platform.

A platform’s overarching purpose is to consummate matches among users and facilitate the exchange of goods, services, or social currency, thereby enabling value creation for all participants.

As a result of the rise of the platform, almost all the traditional business management practices—including strategy, operations, marketing, production, research and development, and human resources—are in a state of upheaval. We are in a disequilibrium time that affects every company and individual business leader. The coming of the world of platforms is a major reason why.

Our goal is not to build a platform; it is to be across all of them.

~ Mark Zuckerberg

We want to be the platform that solution providers can use to run their businesses.  ~ Bob Vogel

Platform thinking = Software design + Market design + Agility.  ~Thierry Isckia

Your social platform will become the motherboard of your business

Every Business needs to become a Platform

“We are no longer in the business of building software. We are increasingly moving into the business of enabling efficient social and business interactions, mediated by software.”