About Me

I’m not afraid of failing, which is why I do it all the time!


I lead a team of engineers building a Software Platform based on Kubernetes. My work involves understanding the requirements and implementation, guiding the team and taking tactical decisions. The platform helps products on the journey to Cloud, SaaS and Microservices.

I bring to this role his experience in Application Development, Requirement analyzing and Proof of concept development, Enterprise Architecture, Object Oriented Programming, Client side scripting, Business requirement gathering, Vendor management, people management, radical and lateral problem-solving approaches, excellent communication and motivational skills, among others.

In addition to this experience, I have gained a considerable understanding of the underlying business methodologies, domain knowledge and people management.

My interests include Strategy, Technology Consulting, Digital Transformation, Cloud Native, API Management, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, IOT, Product Development, Enterprise Architecture among others.

My hobbies include travelling, photography, gardening, learning and understanding new technologies, collecting mechanical/ automatic watches and car/ bike die cast models.

Feel free to reach out to me – be it for hacking, personal finance, problem solving, strategy, product development, behavioral psychology, communication or if you just want to speak to someone about something!

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